A story of transformation

Through the centuries, Liljeholmen has always been a place in constant renewal. Maybe it’s the location – in between city and countryside? Maybe it’s the proximity to the rest of the world, with sea, roads and railways just around the corner? Or maybe it’s the closeness to nature, with quiet hills and greens only a stone’s throw from bustling streets and squares.

Citycon transforming the track area into a new urban space

With RE: Liljeholmen, a new city district is being created with 3,000 workplaces, 120 tenant-owned apartments and a new indoor walkway, a place for new meetings and experiences.

Overall, RE: Liljeholmen will include new areas total just over 70,000 sqm, distributed between offices, hotels, retail, services, culture and public meeting places. The preliminary distribution will be as follows: 10,000 sqm of apartment, 30,000 sqm of offices, 14,000 sqm of hotels, 6,000 sqm of public spaces with retail and services and 10,000 sqm of garage, technical areas etc.

The existing healthcare building with 12,000 sqm in size over 20 care units, will be completely renovated and modernised.

RE: Liljeholmen is being developed by the Nordic real estate company Citycon, which owns, develops and manages city centre environments for urbans lifestyle with retail, services, offices, housing and culture.

The project is in the zoning phase and has now reached the consultation period. The construction period is expected to begin in 2023 and be completed in 2029.



Modern and inviting urban space

By covering the track area, we’re creating the right conditions for a new modern and inviting urban space. Under the name RE: Liljeholmen, an attractive living environment will be created with apartment buildings, workplaces and a glazed plaza with space for activities, cultural events, and experiences. 

Dynamic meeting place

The new plaza is being created as a large, open indoor area with a view of a park. The plaza will be a dynamic meeting place that’s open to everyone, with cafes, restaurants, event areas, co-working spaces and creative cultural projects.



A living less ordinary

Two new appartment buildings will offer a unique living environment, combining the urban pulse of the square and the open calm of the park and water. 

Hub for the southern part of Stockholm

Liljeholmen has a fantastic location, just a stone’s throw from the inner center of Stockholm. The place is a public transport hub with metro, light rail, buses and airport connections. Here, you’ll find one of Stockholm’s best shopping gallerias and an important healthcare cluster.  

A Place of Continuous Change

Citycon describes plans for Liljeholmen

Thorough Preparation

Insights from the RE: Liljeholmen project manager

An Area Transfromed

Meet the architects behind RE: Liljeholmen

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